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TOKYO – This kushiyaki-style eatery (meat and veggies skewered on sticks then grilled) next to a cemetery serves up a decadent ‘cheese peep’ (roasted green peppers wrapped in bacon and filled with creamy, melted cheese) and to-die-for ‘shisho tsukune’ (ground chicken seasoned with shiso leaves then grilled).  The rest of the food is quite tasty as well including the wasabi chicken (grilled rare with dabs of fresh wasabi) and the famous Hokkaido potato which is roasted, then smothered in butter.  Be sure to order your cheese peeps when you arrive as they often run out.  Ingredients are always fresh and the quality good.  Reasonably priced; traditional, yet casual setting.   WOO Building 1F, 3-8-8 Roppongi, Tel: 03-3401-9460.  (Photo: m for marvellous)

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Author: Gary Fong


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