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BANGKOK – It was once known as the first western-style mega mall in Bangkok but nowadays MBK’s claim to fame is the rather unfortunate nickname “ground zero for all things pirated.”  Like Bangkok’s infamous Chatuchak market, I have a love-hate relationship with MBK – the swarm of families decked out in the latest knock-offs is enough to scare the shit out of any frequent traveler – but MBK admittedly holds a few guilty pleasures for me.  The huge food court up on floor six is one of them, offering a myriad of choices with many being quite tasty and cheap.  Another is the SF Cinemas on floor seven with the latest Hollywood fare, modern projection & sound, comfy seats,  and air-con PLUS they give away fun, movie-themed refrigerator magnets with your ticket purchase.  Other pleasures include: the Mangpong shop, also on floor seven, where you can get the latest in Thai music (try Grammy label’s annual year-end compilation CD for a sampling of the best in T-Pop), Mont Nom Sod on floor one for Thai-style toast topped with yummy, strange-looking, coconut green custard, the silver jewelry shops on floor two which sell remarkably good copies of the latest Justin Davis designs, and last but not least, the pirated video games/movies. Say what you will about MBK but, ultimately, it’s got something for everyone.  Nearest BTS sky train station is National Stadium.

What’s the little thing that makes MBK worthwhileNot sure…maybe the satisfaction of really cheap shopping and eating?

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Photos:  SF Cinema City by chanminthaw, MBK Food Court by migikata)

Author:  Gary Fong


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