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Barrio 47 (photo by Monica Byers)


NEW YORK – As happens so often in a walking city like New York, my husband and I randomly wandered into Barrio 47 for an after-dinner drink one night.  We were immediately charmed by the sexy Latin vibe of the place, and by our personable bartender.  We were also seduced by the giant wood-burning oven that dominates the restaurant, and vowed to return for dinner. A few weeks later we were back, and the restaurant did not disappoint.  The Mediterranean-inspired food was lovely.  Not the best food I’ve ever had in the city, but certainly tasty enough and beautifully presented.

Wild Mushroom Coca at Barrio 47 (photo by Monica Byers)

The warmth of the place, the super-friendly bar and wait staff and, of course, the good food are what makes it all work at this West Village gem.  The décor is lovely – exposed brick, quirky light fixtures (mason jars!), tall tables.  The somewhat jazzy, somewhat funky music playing in the background (truly in the background – you’ll actually be able to carry on a conversation) adds to the intimacy, especially when the lights are dimmed in the evening.  You’ll feel at home whispering conspiratorially with your mates, but where this place really shines is as a romantic date spot.  Singletons, I’m telling you – bring your honey here for a pre-dinner cocktail followed by a lovely meal shared over a bottle from Barrio 47’s short but pretty good wine list.    He or she will be impressed, and you’ll probably…..well, you know.

Wood-Fired Oven at Barrio 47 (photo by Monica Byers)

What is the little thing that makes Barrio 47 worth a visit?  The warm and sexy vibe, equally good for romantic evenings and for nights just hanging out with your besties.

Where is it?  47 8th, New York.

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