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Vintry Wine & Whiskey (photo by Monica Byers)


NEW YORK, NY – New York City’s Stone Street dates back to the 1660s; it got its current moniker sometime later on due to its cobblestone paving (so the name is based in history, not irony).  I want to love this short artery because it’s old and cute.  In reality, though, the establishments that line it are largely forgettable – faux Irish pubs, a so-so cantina and fair-to-middling pizzerias.  Or, as one Yelper called it, “Frat Row.” Except for two spots:  The Growler, a hot dog & beer spot for grown ups, and Vintry, a wine and whiskey joint that I adore.

Stone Street by day (photo by Tony Byers)

On its website, Vintry Wine & Whiskey calls itself a “luxury wine bar” that provides patrons the opportunity to “experience the marriage of wine & whiskey.”  I’m not sure if you can even get a beer at this place (though they do offer a variety of cocktails).  And why would you want to, with 80 wines and 200+ whiskies on offer?  To soak up all that booze, there is also a variety of yummy looking charcuterie, cheeses, small plates and desserts on the menu. The truffle mushroom cavatelli looked especially fetching the last time I visited.  But I’ve never eaten here – my visits to Vintry are all about the vino and scotch.

A featured attraction at Vintry Wine & Whiskey (photo sourced from www.vintrynyc.com)

Since I live in the neighborhood, Vintry is in the consideration set of last-stop-of-the-evening watering holes – after dinner and after digestifs.  The dark interior and moody lighting, along with mellow-yet-funky sexy time music, makes this a definite wind-down spot.  Interestingly, though, the energy of the place kind of belies this characterization.  You’ll usually find Vintry full of folks engaged in spirited (though not necessarily loud) conversation.  Which creates an interesting environmental texture – hum of the crowd meets intimacy of (probably) closing the sale with your date.

You’re welcome, singletons.

What is the little thing that makes Vintry worth a visit?  The sultry, end-of-the-night vibe and the fabulous booze selection.

Where is it?  57 Stone Street, New York.

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