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New York Vintners (photo by Monica Byers)


NEW YORK, NY – Tucked away on a quiet Tribeca street is New York Vintners, which calls itself “more than a wine shop.”  And, indeed it is.

As the name implies there is wine for sale in the front-of-store shop, which offers a good selection of great wines.  But New York Vintners also wants to teach you all about wine so that, well, you’ll buy more wine. To that end, on offer are a mess o’ classes about wine, cooking and how food and wine interact.  There are also sessions with winemakers from around the world.  All of this takes place in the back-of-store kitchen and event space.

Wine shop at New York Vintners (photo by Monica Byers)

Kitchen at New York Vintners (photo by Monica Byers)

My husband and I recently attended one of the establishment’s most popular sessions, “Pizza and the Wines that Love It.”  I know it’s popular because it took me months to find two openings in this particular class.  And it did not disappoint; we picked up some tips on pizza-creation and cooking, got a better idea of how to be discerning wine drinkers, and – perhaps best of all – we walked out with full stomachs and slightly buzzed heads.  If you’re a visitor to New York and looking for something non-touristy to do, this is definitely worth checking out (you’ll need to do a little advanced planning, though – you can book classes by visiting www.newyorkvintners.com).  If you’re a local, you have no excuse not to visit – you live here for Pete’s sake!

Unbelievably yummy! “Pizza and the Wines that Love It” at New York Vintners (photo by Monica Byers)

What is the little thing that makes it worth a visit?  A little NYC-style culinary education.  Plus, food and booze – what other reason could you possibly need?

Where is it?  21 Warren Street, New York.

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