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TOKYO –  Whenever I’m in Tokyo, I always make it a point to spend some time at BAR IDO (aka IDO or ‘eee-doh’).  This is a place I was introduced to by Japanese colleagues (back when I working in Tokyo) and it remains one of my must-do’s whenever I’m back in town. What is it?  One of the finest whiskey bars around [...]

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      TOKYO – Always hard to find; usually filled with hot, young, affluent Japanese; a few local celebs; often located off the main road, on one of the many back streets.  Years ago it was AMRTA; then Sonin Ni; and most recently Bar 73.  Trendy names for trendy places.  Check em out if you can find them; the [...]

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  BANGKOK – Excellent service and NONE of that colonial attitude one gets at its so over rated sister motel in Hong Kong or at other so called ‘top’ establishments in Bangkok make this one of our favorite hotels in Bangkok.  Whether you’re checking-in; tanning by the pool; boozing at their Bamboo Bar; getting done at the spa; or being [...]

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  TOKYO – So what if every person who’s seen it thinks it’s one big bore.  If you have a chance to catch one of the spring time performances of Noh (traditional Japanese theatre) held outdoors at Yasukuni Park in Tokyo, don’t miss it.  The fiery torches, beautiful cherry blossoms, and an old-style, open-air, wooden theatre create a spectacular setting [...]

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BANGKOK – Chatuchak…the infamous weekend market.  Okay, not really a fave; actually a love-hate relationship.  For me, Chatuchak (or JJ as the locals call it) is one gigantic assault on the senses – the crowds, the chaos, the odors, the heat and the endless aisles of anything and everything.  But JJ is also about shopping and to a large extent [...]

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  TOKYO – Of all of Japan’s many contributions, the ubiquitous and wonderful Japanese convenience store (the konbini) has got to be one of the best.  Known by various names – am pm, 7-Eleven, Lawsons, Family Mart – Japanese konbinis, set the standard for convenience stores everywhere.  Whether it’s magazines for every occasion; a huge selection of snacks; the latest [...]

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  TOKYO – Having lived in what many consider to be one of the more expensive cities in the world, I often get asked where one can get decently priced food and drink in Tokyo and my answer is always the same, “just to go to any izakaya.”  Conceived to provide sake drinkers with a place where they could also [...]

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  BANGKOK – The locals call it Khao Mang Gai but this Thai version of Singapore’s national chicken rice dish is a must for any Thai visitor.  Here’s what it is:  tender slices of steamed (or boiled) chicken topped with a spicy chili sauce, served with fragrant jasmine rice that’s been cooked in coconut milk and seasoned with bits of fresh [...]

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    TOKYO – Skip Tokyo’s lame attempts at phallic-like, big-n-tall structures (e.g., Tokyo Tower and the Municipal Government Buildings).  Where the city really excels is in the architectural form; and integrating it artistically and functionally with its surroundings. Okay, that may sound like a bit much but if you’re into structure and design, Tokyo certainly has it’s share of must-see [...]

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  BANGKOK – Yeah I know, BIG time tourist spot but for me, the Jim Thompson House is totally NOT about the famous JT silk; but rather a first-rate example of traditional Thai-style architecture, something not easily found on the streets of Bangkok.  Take the guided tour, which is fairly short but full of fun, interesting facts – e.g., the [...]

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