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  LOPBURI, THAILAND – We were headed to a small town called Lopburi.  I had never been to Lopburi, nor had I heard of it prior to this trip.  In fact, I had never even been to central Thailand (where Lopburi was located).  My Thai travels had always centered on Bangkok and the various islands, with periodic jaunts to the [...]

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  BANGKOK – It seems like every country in Asia has their own version of a hot pot, that communal dining experience where a pot of simmering soup is used to cook fresh pieces of meat, seafood and vegetables which are in turned dipped in different kinds of sauces before being consumed.  At the more refined end of the spectrum, [...]

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    CHIANG MAI, THAILAND – Working crazy hours?  In the initial stages of career burn out?  Need a life re-charge/re-eval?  If any of these answers is “yes”, this resort tucked away in the mountains of Northern Thailand might be just what you need to de-stress and get your so-called life back on track. Located on the outskirts of Chiang [...]

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  BANGKOK – Beach, Singhas, massage and go-go bars?  Is that all you have planned for your Thai holiday?  Like to make a bit of difference while you’re there?  Then think about making a donation – large or small – to any one of Thailand’s amazing temples. These so-called “offerings” are the lifeblood of Thailand’s temples, and are essential to [...]

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