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  TOKYO - Okay, some might say that Japan tries too hard when it comes to art but, for me, some of the most original and engaging shows I’ve seen have been in Tokyo…and I don’t mean those mega put-ons at the National Museum in Ueno or those over-hyped, what-were-they-thinking exhibitions at the Mori. Rather, it’s the small-to-medium sized venues that [...]

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    TOKYO – Summer, spring, winter or fall?  Due for a Tokyo fix but not sure when to go?  As with everything in Japan, it’s all about choices and options, quite often way too many.  Just have a look at the beverage section at any Japanese convenience store or the pen/pencil selection at any stationery shop (Ito-ya in Ginza [...]

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    By GARY FONG So, I was having drinks with a few friends the other day and somehow we got on the subject of cities when one of them posed this question:  what makes a great city, truly great?  In other words, if you set aside the obvious things that make a city just great – e.g, fab restaurants [...]

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  TOKYO - Tired of forking out US$500+ bucks a night for a hotel room in Tokyo, when all you do is sleep there?  Ever wonder if there’s a better deal to be had for your Japan visit?  With the yen being so strong these days, this no-frills hotel located in one of the swankiest districts in Tokyo may be the just [...]

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  TOKYO – If you’re a fan of Hayao Miyazaki and his animated masterpieces (e.g. Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro) then this is truly the place for you.  More than a museum (quite Disneyesque, actually), visiting Ghibli is like walking into one of Miyazaki’s films.  You’ll get a fun and fascinating look into the Ghibli magic, from life-sized prop and [...]

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  TOKYO – Known for ‘great tempura at an affordable price’ or – as some would say- for being ‘good and cheap,’ this original branch of the famous Tsunahachi chain serves up some pretty darn tasty tempura.  The seafood is fresh, the veggies seasonal and the final product, cooked in sesame oil, is crispy and light.  The menu is designed [...]

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  TOKYO – Take it where you can get it.  Narita Express (NEX) may be transport of choice for going to and from Japan’s main airport but it’s also a prime opportunity for some quality RELAX TIME before dealing with the chaos of Narita or if arriving, before stepping into the Tokyo whirlwind.  A first (or last) row, single seat [...]

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TOKYO – This kushiyaki-style eatery (meat and veggies skewered on sticks then grilled) next to a cemetery serves up a decadent ‘cheese peep’ (roasted green peppers wrapped in bacon and filled with creamy, melted cheese) and to-die-for ‘shisho tsukune’ (ground chicken seasoned with shiso leaves then grilled).  The rest of the food is quite tasty as well including the wasabi [...]

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TOKYO –  Whenever I’m in Tokyo, I always make it a point to spend some time at BAR IDO (aka IDO or ‘eee-doh’).  This is a place I was introduced to by Japanese colleagues (back when I working in Tokyo) and it remains one of my must-do’s whenever I’m back in town. What is it?  One of the finest whiskey bars around [...]

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      TOKYO – Always hard to find; usually filled with hot, young, affluent Japanese; a few local celebs; often located off the main road, on one of the many back streets.  Years ago it was AMRTA; then Sonin Ni; and most recently Bar 73.  Trendy names for trendy places.  Check em out if you can find them; the [...]

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